’80 Porsche 930 Turbo 3.3 Specifications
Model 911 Turbo
Chassis No. 93A0070794
Engine No. *670 0745* type 930/60
Gearbox No. *770 0867*
Displacement 3.3 L Flat6 turbo
Horsepower 300 BHP
Price P.O.A

The 911 Turbo, internally code named 930 was introduced in Paris late 1974.  Little did Porsche know that there would be an oil crisis around the corner when they started with the Turbo project.

The “saving fuel” mindset became the new norm. So the Turbo’s birth came at the worst possible moment.  Moreover Porsche wanted the 911 Turbo to become the top of the line, luxuriously  specified 911.

Although the birth of the Turbo came in the worst possible time it soon became an icon and a supercar in its own right.

The first cars had 3.0 Litre engines with a rather big single Turbo.  This engine had a 260 bhp output and more importantly came with real rocket power in between 3.500 and 4.000 rpm.  Therefore car was very difficult to master and lots of the first generation Turbo’s got crashed and written off.

Thereafter Porsche developed the 3.3 litre engine in which the explosive character of their 3.0 engine was tuned down and thus making the 3.3 litre the far better car to drive.

Curiously all 930 / 911 Turbo’s (except for the very last two years of its production) came equipped with a 4 gear gearbox.  Porsche was convinced that their 5 gear gearbox would not be able to withstand the  power (and torque) of the engine. The 4 gearbox proved plenty sufficient to drive the car along at comfortable cruising speed, as well as when putting the pedal to the metal.  It supported the power band of the car perfectly.

This particular 1980 car has the 3.3 liter engine with the 4 gear gearbox.  It was delivered in Switzerland (11/07/1980) and was build as a European car.  Therefore it is interesting to read the following text of the last US owner of this car as he compares the US and Euro specified cars.

A word about the turbos in general, for those less familiar with the cars: I have driven various 930s for the last 30 years. I have driven both Euro-spec and US-spec cars. In fact, I still own another turbo, a US-spec 1986 model that I purchased new. The Euro and US cars drive completely differently. You wouldn’t think so but you can put me in one blind-folded and I’ll tell you which it is. The Euro cars drive much freer, which is a hard concept to put into words. They have a lighter feel (not that they weigh all that much less than a US car) and have a more relaxed nature to the engine character. A US car feels like it is being held back, even those that have been modified with the usual things. The power bands are quite different, with the Euro car feeling much more flexible. They also run much cooler. This car will run an oil temperature of 90C degrees, regardless of whether it’s driven in town, or on the highway. It occasionally (all right, often…) gets to 100 degrees here in Oklahoma in the summer and this car still runs 90C degrees. You can attribute that to the richer fuel mixture a Euro car runs. The gas mileage is essentially the same for both cars. The earlier turbos have a slightly more raw feel. The later cars got a little more quiet and packed on a few pounds to show for it.

The colour is Tobacco Metallic, a colour only available in 1979 and 1980. The paint has been touched up at the front of the car where small rock chips tend to occur; also along the rocker panels; the wheel centers have also been repainted. The interior is full leather, the colour is Beige and the carpets, dash and interior trim pieces are brown. Unusually for this model year, the headliner is also brown.

Originally the car was equipped with air conditioning. The A/C components were removed from the car but will be made available to the buyer, if desired.

The windows appear to be all original, including a heated front windshield which normally you don’t see in the US. The only non-standard parts on the car are an Alpine radio/CD player and Alpine component speakers in the front doors.

The car has the stock 7×16 and 8×16 Fuchs that it came with.

This is an absolute immaculate example of an early 911 Turbo with low kilometers and a striking , tasteful and classic period color combination.

  • Tobacco Braun metallic
  • Two tone full leather
  • Delivered new in Switzerland by AMAG
  • Matching numbers chassis, engine, transmission
  • Engine is dry, carburettors completely rebuild, engine tuned up, Clutch like new
  • Complete rebuild of gearbox
  • Complete rebuild of brakes with new pistons, pads and disks
  • Original 16 inch wheels with correct period black star finish
  • Original automatic sunroof
  • Inflatable original spare wheel
  • A/C delete but with car
  • 79.000 original kilometres
  • Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche
  • Many receipts from new, including recondition
  • Imported from the USA-EU specification car
  • Owner’s manual and documents
  • Clean Belgian Title. All EU taxes paid.

Interested ?

For more info please call +32 475 27 04 04 or mail johan@911motorsport.be for additional info.
This car is located near Antwerp in Belgium and can be viewed upon appointment.

If interested a full high resolution photo DVD can be send, 20 € will be demanded to cover editing and shipment costs.
This amount will be deducted from the selling price for the eventual buyer.