’82 Porsche 924 Specifications
Model 924
Chassis No. WPOZZZ92ZCN402856
Displacement 2,0L
Horsepower 125 BHP
Price P.O.A











In the uncertain times of the early 70’s, Porsche started the design and study of a new Sports model for Volkswagen. The design eventually ended up as a entry-level Porsche in 1976.

Many saw this little sport scar as the direct descendent from the 914.  Porsche designed the car, by then known as 924, with the transaxle lay-out with a four cylinder water-cooled engine (sourced from Audi) in the front and the gearbox in the back.

As an entry-level car by some called the “poor man’s Porsche” the 924 was surprisingly fast and had a state of the art chassis.  The weight balance, due to the transaxle system, was thus that the car was underpowered.  Later more powerful versions came such as the Turbo, the Carrera GT and GTS and thereafter the evolution models of the 944 and 968.

What was set out not to become a Porsche became a rather important model during its life cycle from 924 all the way up to the 968.

Moreover there was a direct link to previous models such as the 356.  The link being the 4 cylinder car, albeit in the 924 cooled by water and not by air.

Also new at the time was the excellent driving position, absolutely groundbreaking at the time and still modern today.  Ergonomics were much more important, when developing the 924,  than when the 911 (or should i say the 901) was developed in the early sixties.  Although the 911 was the pinnacle of the Porsche brand the 924 had some great properties of itself.

Gradually these cars, as well as the 914 are being sought after cars.  Early models of the 924 are becoming rare and they might well become the next collectible Porsche.

This particular 924 was originally sold in Antwerp to its first owner back in 1982.  Our client did acquire this car recently from its first owner.

Although the car has enjoyed the roads (see its 279 K kilometres) it is in surprisingly good condition (inside and outside).  No rust, good and strong running and non smoking engine, period correct brakes and a feel when driving the car that corresponds to an early 924 car.

Even more importantly the car is still original with its original wheels, interior etc…one rather horrendous steering wheel will be, at clients demand, replaced by an original 911 tree-spoke steering wheel.  Some body panels seem to have been re-sprayed, probably due to minor traffic incidents, but mostly the car still wears its original paint.

As is usual with 911 motorsport this car will undergo its rigorous inspection and all flaws will be attended to.  We want the next owner of this car to be able to enjoy this “entry-level” 924 Porsche that will for sure become a sought after car in the coming years.

For reference: this is a 1976 Porsche 924 press picture of Porsche

We will be more than happy to accompany you when considering this particular car.

  • 2.0 L 4 cylinder 125 bhp engine
  • Original gearbox
  • Original wheels plus spare
  • Near new tires
  • Dark Braun cloth seats with chalk stripes
  • Aftermarket wooden steering wheel
  • Car is offered with a clean “technical control” (MOT) sheet
  • Original license documents available in original Bordeaux plastic cover
  • Clean Belgian Title. All EU taxes paid.

Interested ?

For more info please call +32 475 27 04 04 or mail johan@911motorsport.be for additional info.
This car is located near Antwerp in Belgium and can be viewed upon appointment.

If interested a full high resolution photo DVD can be send, 20 € will be demanded to cover editing and shipment costs.
This amount will be deducted from the selling price for the eventual buyer.