’72 Porsche 911T Astec Gold Specifications
Model 911 Coupé T
Chassis No. 9112101923
Engine No. 6122967
Gearbox No. /
Displacement 2.4L Flat 6
Horsepower 140 BHP
Price SOLD

The 1972 cars were the only ones with the “oelklappe” on the right hand side fender. Because many gas station attendants, thought the right hind side lid was for fuel, lots of 1972 Porsche did get fuel instead of oil poured into the “oelklappe”. Therefore Porsche abandoned this particular feature and it only appeared on the 1972 production series.

According to the “Porsche 911 Red Book 1965-1999” 1.821 Series E (1972) 911 T’s were produced for the US market. This particular car was invoiced on 01.05.1972 and delivered by the New Orleans Porsche dealer. The first owner ordered it in gold metallic commonly known as “Astec gold”. The colour being a special order colour for 1972. This is a rather gold metallic and typical of the very hype seventies.

What makes this 1972 car stand out of the crowd is its colour, its provenance and the fact that it was sourced in the Rocky Mountain region and restored back to original specifications. As we found out the Kardex indicated that it is a completely matching number car, with all the desirable S upgrades (from the factory).

It was delivered with the following option codes:

  • 400 light alloy wheels (6J X 15) with the 185/70 VR 15 tires instead of the usual ‘for the T’ 5.5 J steel wheels.
  • 404 stabiliser front and rear
  • 470 comfort equipment (including 414 and 565)
  • 414 911 S instruments (English or metric)
  • 565 leather crested steering wheel
  • 568 toned windows
  • Dunlop tires
  • 12 artificial leather black, seat middle stripe perlon cord

As said the car was specified as an S (desirable options) while still being a T, thus being the lightest car of the Production series.

After sourcing the car in Colorado it was stripped to bare metal and repainted (repaired where necessary although in regard with the age of the car very minimal repair was needed). The engine has been upgraded with Carrera Hydraulic chain tensioners, the front suspension did receive Turbo tie rod ends and the gas tank was replaced by an SC tank. Apart from these three improvements the car is completely stock and should be appreciated as is.

The car is restored back to its period specification and is, apart from being a head turner, a great daily or weekend driver.

The car will be in our shop very soon, to be inspected and ready to be enjoyed in Spring time (Now) as well as summer, autumn and even winter. Personally I think it would be a shame to use this car in winter but it is more than apt to do so.

As is becoming customary at our shop, the car will be serviced thoroughly and will receive every attention to detail that is necessary for the happy owner to be able to enjoy his new toy. Furthermore this car has to be considered as being a real investment potential. Nice to know that one can enjoy (drive the investment).


  • Complete bare metal tub respray after restoration
  • 2.4 litre T engine with 140 @ 6.500 rpm
  • Metallic gold (Astec gold)
  • MFI
  • leather with middle striping in perlon cord
  • Carrera hydraulic chain tensioners
  • Leather Porsche 4-spoke steering wheel
  • Matching number gearbox
  • Fuchs 6J X 15 wheels
  • Turbo tie rod ends (front suspension) improved road holding
  • Wheels are correct and date stamped
  • SC gas tank (instead of original one
  • Tires upgraded to 195/60 (instead of 185/70)
  • Clean Belgian Title. All EU taxes paid.
  • Price : SOLD