’70 Porsche 911 T/R Gruppe Specifications
Model 911 Coupé T/R Gruppe
Chassis No. 9110100675
Engine No. Blank NOS case
Gearbox No. /
Displacement 2.2L Flat 6
Horsepower 180 BHP
Price P.O.A

When bought by the previous owner he firstly restored the car’s body. He decided to make the car into an R-Gruppe tribute Porsche. He replaced the front fenders, bumpers and rear deck lid with fibreglass ones and welded in new metal where necessary. For the front bumper one was chosen from a 911S with the small front spoilers that provides more stability at high speeds. As the 911 T was the lightest of all 911’s, replacing steel parts by fibreglass served the goal of weight saving even more. Thereafter the bare metal tub was resprayed in a resplendent Original Signal Orange. The white stripe decoration was also painted. Looking at the car it is easy to see it as Kremer build Jägermeister sponsored car that ran in a European Touring championship back in the seventies. To add to the period look it was decided to change the rear Fuchs wheels with wider 7” aluminium Minilites (so specific of that period). The front Fuchs wheels are original rare early 6”X15” ones. A dual sport exhaust was added to finish of the period race look of the car.

All these features are an integral part of how an R-Gruppe car looks, sounds and handles. The R-Gruppe being a fraternity of early long hood (pre-73) 911 lovers who asked themselves how Porsche would build these early cars today in a lightweight (911 R) type fashion. This club for passionate long hood 911 owners was founded in California by Cris Huergas and Freeman Thomas. The R-Gruppe idea appealed to lots of people and now there are chapters all over the world. This car is an excellent representative for the R-Gruppe community and would gladly be accepted in its European chapter, that’s if the new owner wishes to join of course.

Further detailing the car, the previous owner in Colorado decided on building a 2.2 litre engine with modified S cams, 40 PMO carburettors (delivering that glorious sound), K&N filters. He used a blank engine case (NOS). All the hardware in the engine bay has been powder coated. Bursch headers and a dual sports exhaust have been installed. The exhaust is ceramic coated grey. And to ensure that the high performance engine stays cool a full Carrera oil cooling system was installed. Cadmium plated oil lines were added alongside of the body just like on a more modern model 911, they are connected to a radiator that’s mounted in front of the passenger side front tire. The gearbox is the earlier type 5 speed 905 gearbox with the first gear to the bottom left, the so called dogleg 5 speed. Clutch and flywheel have been resurfaced and the pedal box has been rebuilt. The suspension is set up for hard driving and track use featuring Dart monoball upper strut mounts and Elephant Racing Polybronze bushings front and rear. The sway bars are TRG’s and full adjustable. Torsion bars are upgraded to 22 mm up front and 28mm in the back. The shocks are new custom Sports Bilsteins in SC struts up front and the same Sports (Green) Bilsteins in the rear next to the Adjustable, cadmium plated SC spring plates. As for the brakes the previous owner opted for the bigger SC callipers that were completely rebuild. All the fixed brake lines are new factory lines and the flexible ones are braided stainless steel racing lines. The brake master cylinder is also new. An ATL fuel cell was mounted (15 gallons = 57.78 Liters), connected with aeroquip plumbing, also a PMO fuel regulator and fuel pressure gauge have been installed. The interior has been built up following the same lightweight philosophy as the rest of the car. The dashboard was fitted with a big oil pressure warning light on the right in place of the clock and the revcounter was turned similar to period racing 911s, the dashboard was covered in a lightweight non reflecting dashtop. The shifter is the stock one that was totally rebuilt with all new bushing, the carpets are lightweight “RS Perlon” and the headliner is a brand new factory one.

The seats are a period looking GTS Classics “Sebring” driver and a GTS Classics “Nurburgring” passenger seat both with custom houndstooth cloth inserts. The belts are 4 point Schroth and the steeringwheel is a Momo Prototipo.

This car is currently being detailed and will be as good as new soon. All technical components are being checked and a complete big service will be performed. The car will be aligned and corner balanced and all mechanical components will be checked before the car will be sold. This car will then be ready to enjoyed by the avid sports driver, on track days and touristic or other rally’s or just as a nice collectible early Porsche to enjoy on weekends or even as a daily driver. It is a joy to drive as it is so nimble and light and it has plenty of horsepower to play with. The power to weight ratio of an early 911 like this one is very hard to beat by any modern car, they are seriously quick even to today’s standards. And then there is that amazing sound of an early Porsche flat6 engine with carburettors, it’s like sweet music in your ears. This opportunity has to be taken up quickly as building up a car with these specifications will set you back a lot more, in time and in money. Our team of exclusive mechanics can assist with getting this car ready for any specific historic motorsports event, if needed a rollcage or other upgrades can be added to the car in our exclusive Porsche workshop.

  • Complete bare metal tub respray after restoration
  • Signal Orange with white strips
  • Lightweight interior
  • New classic seats with custom houdstooth insert
  • Momo leather rimmed steering wheel
  • Schroth 4-point harness
  • Electric cut-off switch (interior-exterior)
  • 4 new Yokohama S Drive (205/15/55)
  • 6X15 inch correct deep dish Fuchs wheels
  • 7X15 Al Minilites in the rear
  • High performance 2.2L, Flat6 engine tuned up to 180 Bhp
  • Carburettors (40 mm PMO) completely rebuild
  • Modified S Cams
  • New Clutch
  • 901 5- speed gearbox (A,F,M,S,X gear set)
  • SC brake callipers rebuild and new brake lines
  • 15 Gallon ATL fuel cell, aeroquip mounting
  • Complete Carrera Oil system with aeroquip plumbing
  • Clean Belgian Title. All EU taxes paid.

Interested ?

For more info please call +32 475 27 04 04 or mail johan@911motorsport.be for additional info.
This car is located near Antwerp in Belgium and can be viewed upon appointment.

If interested a full high resolution photo DVD can be send, 20 € will be demanded to cover editing and shipment costs.
This amount will be deducted from the selling price for the eventual buyer.