50 years of RS in Le Mans

The international “50 years of the 2.7 RS” celebration meeting in Le Mans (26-29 may 2022)

The Porsche RS Club the France took the initiative to start the commemoration year of the fifty years after the introduction of the legendary Porsche 911 Carrera RS.

In September 1972 Porsche presented the Carrera RS to the public on the Paris Car show.  It was the intention of Porsche to homologate the car for Group 4 racing and therefore they needed to sell 500 cars.  As Porsche was only to go and build 500 cars Porsche KG (at the time), made a publicity slogan: 

“Nur 500 Männer werden ihn fahren“

Only 500 men will drive the car. At the time there was no issue in making manly publicity.  Today this would most probably be considered as “blasphemy”.

To everybody’s surprise, and not the least to the commercial department at Porsche, all 500 cars were reserved for on the Paris Car show.  A huge commercial success. And therefore the company decided to make a second series, and even a third series.  Up to 1580 cars were build.  Once the 1000 units were reached the RS was eligible for Group 3 racing.

Fast forward to today.  The RS has made it into an Icon.  Most probably due to the “duck tail” and front spoiler chin, to its wider rear wheels and to its almost aggressive “Carrera” scripting on the doors. 

The Porsche RS Club the France organized the meeting in the legendary place of Le Mans.  Very well suited to Porsche as they have won the 24 hours for 19 times now.

We at 911 motorsport, with a bias towards the RS, were very happy to participate in the event.  We were able to provide the event with 

  • Carrera RS Touring
  • Carrere RS lightweight (and one of only 17 RSH build)
  • Carrera RSR of which we brought two examples
  • Carrera RS 3.0
  • Carrera RSR 3.0

A RS Touring belonging to a client took first prize in the “concours d’Elegance” whereas the RS light took second place.  Ten years agon in Reims this RS took first place.

911 motorsport is very happy with the first and second place on the rostrum for their cars.

In order to support the event, we made a real RS front hood into a signing ornament.  All the participants of the event were able to sign the hood. Small and exact copies will be made and offered to those who attended the meeting.