Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion

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Half way August the Car week in the Monterey Peninsula was held again. We at 911 motorsport were invited to participate in the Pre Moneterey Reunion races as well as in the RMMR in the second weekend.

The “Dinkel Acker” sponsored Carrera RS 3.0 of 1974 was prepared by the Floridian outfit Klubsport.

Because of earlier problems with the 3.0 engine of the car we were running a 2.8 RSR engine in the car. This engine although it ran great was a little down on power compared to the 3.0.  This reflected in our lap times as we were around 1.5 sec slower than last year.

The first weekend of the pre-reunion did go great until a screw from the carburetor decided to unbolt itself. It was a screw that held the throttle valve on its axle.  This screw was sucked into the engine, but far worse at the time the throttle valve stuck in its wide open position, therefore the accelerator stuck. Coming into the braking zone of turn 3, I braked and instead of slowing down the car was still accelerating. In a split second I realized the accelerator had stuck, and I tried to kill the engine with the kill switch. But for whatever reason the kill switch didn’t work. At that very moment I was already in the sand on the outside of the curve, breaking hard meanwhile turning the steering wheel to the right. This put the car in a wide slide, still amongst all that I was able to cut the engine with the key.  When the car came to a full stop with the engine killed, a marshal ran up signaling me to tell him if I was ok. I was signed out of the car that was towed behind the barrier.

The result of the accelerator being stuck was that the car had been over revving for some time (split seconds, seconds (???). On debriefing after the race it was decided to dismantle the engine to check for possible damage.

It was dismantled at a friend’s shop in Salinas. Apparently the bearing shells of the crankshaft were badly damaged. Quickly new ones were ordered and delivered by the following morning. By Tuesday night the engine was up and running again and placed back into the car.

The downside of it all was that we missed our participation at the “Carmel at the sea” show. We were invited with the race car. So we missed a drive from the Laguna Seca circuit (up in the mountains) to Carmel-at-the-sea. Too bad, while this would have been a wonderful experience, driving a thorough bred race car over public roads.

The positive thing was of course that the car was ready for the main event on the second weekend.

This racing weekend ran without any problems or incidents. We were running in group 4A (1973-1981 FIA, IMSA, GT-GTX, AAGT, GTU). The competition was fierce as we were running against cars like the Porsche 934, 935, 935 K3 the Chevy Monza Dekon, the Corvette Greenwood, the BMW’s 3.5 CSL and others alike. So by far we had the car with the smallest displacement and the lowest horsepower.  Anyway we had a great race and out of the 44 participants we finished 25th.

On Saturday evening the Monterey racing weekend came to an end.  Once again it was an eventful week leaving everybody tired but happy. Happy with being there in the first place, happy for being able to put on a good show, happy to finish the race in a very reasonable place, and most of all happy with bringing back the car in one piece.