In September Porsche North America together with its partners organized the fifth edition of the Rennsport Reunion.

A real Walhalla for all Porsche enthusiasts:  so many Porsche aficionado’s, so many Porsche’s, all gathered in one place. From the very first road going cars, all the way up to the most recent GT3 RS and the Cayman GT4. Same thing for the race teams: from privateers to the big players, it’s all there.

That is how we got involved in the Rennsport Reunion. 911motorsport was indeed happy to be able to participate with two cars. The Dinkel Acker sponsored Carrera RS 3.0 and the 993 RSR.

The Carrera RS 3.0 became a pretty well known car at that time as it was delivered through the Hahn dealership to its first owner in Stuttgart. This first owner used the car in the way it was intended to: “using” it as a daily driver during the week and “abusing” it as a race car over the weekend. He was pretty successful in doing so and for the 1975 season, together with two friends, he formed an unofficial race team backed up by the Hahn dealership and sponsored by Dinkel Acker.

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