On the weekend of March 26 th “Porsche Centrum Gelderland” organized it’s 5th year of existence with a splendid party.  Apart from a great show, excellent food and exquisite drinks the director Mr. M. Wegh was able to assemble a fine collection of exquisite Porsches.

Mr. Wegh brought together some 50 of the most special models of the Porsche history. Porsches are always exclusive cars but there are models that are even more exclusive than others. Some of them trigger dreams and imagination, some of them are special because they were race cars, some of them were very limited production series, some of them have been around for ages (cfr the legendary 911). But what “Porsche Centrum Gelderland” brought together does haut the imagination of many. Even at the Porsche museum this line-up of exclusive models is not available.  Making this weekend event a “must go” destination for the true Porsche enthusiast.

These extraordinary Porsches, that all came out of private collections, have been put on display.


                • 356 Pre A Cabriolet (1953)
                • 550 Spyder (1955) the car that became legendary because of James Dean
                • 911 Carrera RS one of the 17 homologatin cars (1973)
                • 911 SC form the Dutch Police (1983)
                • All types of Speedsters and RS’s as well as a beautiful 959 (1986) and
                  the classy touring car the 928 CS (1987), as well as a Carrera GT (2004)

                  • Also the very last models such as the 997 GT 3 RS and the GT 2 RS were present

To commemorate this event a special edition book was published by “Porsche Centrum Gelderland”. The pictures of this book were commissioned and made to special order by well known Dutch photographer Mark Nauta. Some of his exquisite pictures are joined with this short article.

We at 911 motorsport were more than happy to be able to help Mr. Wegh and “Porsche Centrum Gelderland” to source some special Porsches.
If you did not make it to the party, these pictures might make you dream.  Maybe dream about what you have missed.

Anyway we will keep our eyes open for great events and will make reports with pictures. Photos do say so much more than words.

Enjoy !

Link: Porsche Centrum Gelderland