The Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 just celebrated its 40th anniversary. This of course if you take into account that the RS was presented in September 1972 at the Paris Motor show.

The story of the legendary RS 2.7 is very well know, although at the start the Porsche marketing department never thought a lightened and more racy version of the 911 would sell well. How wrong they were. According to history the initial program of 500 cars  were all sold during the Paris Motor show. Porsche thereafter decided to make a second- and even a third batch totalling 1580 cars.

It is like a cliché to say that the RS is an iconic car, but it is. Many car collectors, even collectors of other makes, are searching for good and honest RS 2.7.

Why is it iconic?

– It was the first road car with aerodynamic aids (ducktail and front spoiler). the ducktail made its trademark.

– It was the first road car where the front and rear wheels had a different width.

– It was the first road car with a distinct and visible striping on the bottom of both doors, applied in the same colour as the center of the Fuchs wheels.

– In its race configuration it won its first outing in the Daytona 24 hours against prototype opposition. Shortly after, race victory again, in the 12 Hours at Sebring. In their Martini trim the factory cars had some outright victories at Dijon and the Targa Florio. Amazingly one could buy a car for ‘daily use’ that was able to win races against strong prototype opposition.

– It was that good that many gentlemen-drivers drove it to work during the week and went on winning races over the weekend.


Forty years after its introduction, it is appropriate to commemorate the most iconic 911 of them all.

After the earlier Hedingham Castle commemoration at the beginning of September, this time the Porsche Carrera RS Club of Germany set out to organize a fantastic event. Uwe, Gabi, as well as Hendrik, Stefan, Carsten and Armin worked for months to make this event happen.


Unfortunately we were unable to attend to the first day on September 13, as well as most part of Friday 14th. As most participants told us those 2 days were great and we seem to have missed a lot. We were told that the street rally to “Schloss Lagenburg”  had been very special.


We were able to join the other owners and participants on Friday night at the dinner in the Sinsheim Museum. It was a great sight to see 40 or so Carrera RS’s in different colours parked on the private parking lot at the museum. As in Hedingham the colour palette was wonderful, some Grand prix white cars with red, blue and green striping, lots of light yellow cars, one signal yellow, some black ones, tangerine, jade green, viper green etc…

We enjoyed a wonderful buffet with great table guests. Of course the conversation during dinner was all about Porsche, more specific about the Carrera RS.


At around 23:00 we went to the Sinsheim museum hotel only a 200-meter walk from the closed parking lot at the museum.


Next morning during breakfast we were briefed about the trip to the Boxberg test track of Bosch. The organisers secured the Test track for the whole day. Needless to say that we were in for a treat.


Before the event started all cars were gathered on the open field for a group photo. The precision with which the cars were parked was meticulous and marvellous. Like a Swiss clock.

We are in great expectation to see the final results of these pictures taken by professionals. Seeing more than 40 Carrera RS’s, neatly lined up, was a wonderful and probably unique experience.

Thereafter it was a special and fun experience for us to drive our fantastic forty year old cars on the Boxberg banking.

The organization made sure that during the whole day we had different tests to attend to, which were big fun to do. Some drivers were better in the oval, others in the slalom or braking. During the evening dinner the overall prizes were given. One for the best driver of each individual stage and one more for the best driver overall.


At around 16:00 we headed back to the hotel in order to take a shower and to prepare us for a great dinner.

At 19:00 we were expected for drinks at the Sinsheim museum in company of some very famous Porsche people: Hans Mezger, Peter Falk and Manfred Jantke.


A perfect walking dinner was served and in between courses we were treated by some conferences of Mezger, Falk and Jantke. Great stories by each. We personally like the story of the height of the Ducktail dictated by the engineers (Peter Falk and his group or racing engineers), only to hear from the design department that from aesthetic point of view the ducktail was too high. Fortunately Falk and his engineers got the overhand and therefore we have the duck tail as we know it today.

Hans Mezger talked about the RS in “Fish-silver-white” metallic that he got at the time as a daily driver. As this colour was a most experimental one, over the years, the white-ish silver has aged into a light yellow tint. Mr. Mezger is still in possession of the duck tail, because when he sold the car the buyer did not want the ducktail.


The dinner carried on until the later hours.



The next morning we were of to “Scloss Ludwigsburg” where all the cars went on exhibition at the “Schlosshof”. It was an absolute unique sight, all those RS’s in the yard of the castle.

During the exhibition we all had the time to choose our winners: our personal favourites from the restored class and the all-original class.  At around 15:00 the final results were made public. All categories had their well deserved winners. Robert’s Jade green car with its brown leather interior took first place in the preservation class. And the viper green car came at the top of the list of the restoration class.

Another car that drew our attention was the signal orange lightweight with an opening roof. The car was original and only two lightweight cars have ever been delivered with an opening sliding roof. The first customer of the car wanted an RS but wanted the cheapest version and therefore he went for the lightweight. And on top of that he wanted an opening siding roof for daily driving.


Another of our favourite cars was the chocolate brown RS with a tan interior. The colour of the car was called Sepia although the tint of the brown was much darker.

This colour combination was most striking, we liked it a lot. It was even more special, knowing that it was a colour on sample combination, apparently possible back in those days. Something that we didn’t know until attending to this marvellous event.


During lunch hour a great buffet was served on the terrace of “Schloss Ludwigsburg”. Excellent food in great surroundings.


We have to take our hats of to the organizers who put on such a great event. We hope to see you all again in ten years time for the 50th anniversary of our beloved RS’s.

Enjoy our photogallery here