911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara 911 RS 92We, at 911 motorsport, are happy to present, the until now rather unknown, but extremely talented, Belgian curb site model maker and car illustrator: Domenico Azzara.
At a very young age he started, as probably most kids, drawing cars.  He went into this professionally and has illustrated quite some magazines with his drawings. Mostly he was asked to do renderings of cars to come, renderings of evolutions on existing cars etc… He also developed posters and promotional publicity in drawing for the car industry.

His modelling skills started, probably at the same moment as he started drawing cars.  The modelling started with transforming existing die-cast models into racers,  by adding front and rear spoilers, as well as wheel arch extensions, and correct race car graphics.

911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara SpeedsterOne day he woke up and decided that he had enough of the transforming modelling and started with the idea of a scratch build model. His
scale was to be big, as it rendered the car perfectly in final result so he settled for a 1 to 12 scale.

As a sculptor would do he started to create the form of the car.  The materials used for this master model were ply and balsa wood as well as polyester. Hours and hours of labour went in the creation of the master of his first Porsche 911.


 Indeed it was the magic of the Porsche that haunted his mind. He wanted to create an exact model of the 911, and his focus was the visual effect of the 3D model. One should recognize the shape of the 911 immediately. In order to facilitate his life his first idea was to have only the exterior shape and to mask the windows in matt black, so that he would not be bothered by making a “hollow” model with an interior. But because of his striving for perfection he could not settle with the idea that his model Porsche would not have an interior.

911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara 993 CupWhen he finished his master 911 he made a mould in silicone so that he could mould copy body shapes in polyester.  His first de-moulded polyester model was a block representing a 911 but without an interior.  So he started opening up the entire inside of the model and created a chassis with the complete interior of the car.  Here came the dashboard with the dials, seats, carpets, mirrors,  safety belts etc…


He was not satisfied having all these components just moulded into the polyester but wanted to use the original materials.  So he went on the search for appropriate leather (for the seats), the exact fabric for the carpets, for the roof lining, for the safety belts…


911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara 911 RS 2.7On to the fabrication of the wheels and tyres. The wheels were turned into billed aluminium and finished by hand. For the tyres he had to make the exact replica of the tread and the inscriptions on the outside of the tyre. He went to look for period documentation to find out with what tyres Porsche did equip its cars when they left the factory.  He went all the way to replicate the exact tyre.  Later on when more models came out of his shop he had a complete array of 1/12 tyres in different shapes with different treads and from different manufacturers.
One hurdle still had to be taken and that was the making of the crisp clear windows.  He found himself a new process in making the windows so that they would give the finished model the exact look and feel.  It was also important for the windows to be as clear as possible otherwise all the interior detail would have been lost.

Having all the parts and components of the basic car he set of to paint the model in the exact RAL Porsche colour.

His first 1/12 model was the Porsche Strosek Speedster.  Mr. Strosek’s creations on the 911 have always been different.  One does like or hate his transformations of the basic Porsche shape, but one thing is for sure though they are striking.  Mr. Strosek was so impressed with the first Azzara model that he ordered one.

This “commercial” success was the start for Dominico to create other 1/12 Porsche models.

As can be seen he has developed quite some different body shapes.  From the recent iconic Porsche 911 Carrera RS over the 964 RS (and speedster) to the 993 road and race cars.

As can be seen in the pictures all the models are home build to the highest standard and presented on a marble, with a photo etched identification plate.  Of course a plexi cover is provided with the model to protect it from dust.

One very special, and limited series, was ordered by the owner of the Porsche 993 GT 2 Evo that ran in the French championship and was designed by the well know artist Peter Klasen.  Domenico made a limited series of 7 cars,  all with a signed commemoration plate.

As can clearly be seen on the pictures the colourful outside design representing a canvas that seemed to be draped over the car.  Look at the detail of the shadows in the canvas.  One would think that it is a real canvas that covers the car.  Every little detail was painted with a badger.  One can imagine the amount of time it took to build the series.

This complete creative process took a long time, but once finished Domenico set out working on new models, new ideas etc… We will be glad to make an update once new things come out of his workshop.

We also invite you to take a look at his website:


If you do have a specific requirement please feel free to contact him.
He will be most happy to reply to your inquiry.

Hereby some examples of his work :

911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara Speedster911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara 911 RS 2.7 911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara 911 RS 92  911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerpen Automobilia modelling Domenico Azzara 993 Cup