Goodwood Festival of Speed – July 11-14

911Motorsport porsche 911 antwerp blog goodwood festival of speed 2013 posterThe Goodwood Festival of Speed, edition 2013, becomes now a loving memory. Invited for the third time in a row we had a tremendous 3 days on the grounds of the Earl of March. As always the organisation of the event was splendid. This year the start and finish of the Forest Rally Stage were changed for the better. It must have been much more interesting for the spectators, and it surely was more fun for us as participants.

We now started on a short straight line that was paved. This gave us the possibility to “burn some rubber” before the first 90 degree left hander. Some drivers took of in such a spirited way that they went into the straw bales, instead of making the turn.

The finish was also much more challenging than the previous years, coming out of the wood with a fast left hander into a short straight followed by a pretty fast 120° right hander onto a straight of tarmac road, interrupted by a “bus stop” like chicane. The finish was positioned shortly after the chicane. We had the chance to “test” drive the track on Thursday. Not all that many competitors did use that opportunity.

On Friday morning the real work started.

The track in the wood mainly consists of chalk. In the dry condition that we had, this chalk deteriorates pretty fast, especially when those mighty WRC cars come over it.  The WRC cars do dig into the chalk with their huge horsepower and 4WD, before they even move forwards. This pretty quickly leads to deep tracks in the underground.  When driving a classic Rally car you want to stay out of these tracks.

After a while potholes really became a problem. When you run into them you tend to make them bigger and deeper.  So at every other run we had to change our line taking into account the potholes and the deep tracks.

Because of these conditions the Forest Rally Stage was very hard on our cars and on the mechanics. Almost all competitors did break one or more parts on their vehicles.

But we should not whine as it was such a magnificent event again.  One has to feel privileged to be able to take part in it and be a participant at such a venue.

We look already forward to next year and hope that we will be invited again.

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911Motorsport porsche 911 antwerp blog goodwood festival of speed 2013

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