Goodwood Festival of Speed 1-3 July 2011

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Classic car people in general and classic race car people in particular are truly members of a great community: passionate people who eat, drink, sleep and dream …cars.

Through the joint efforts of our American and English friends 911motorsport has been invited to take part in the forest rally stage with the newly reconditioned 911 SCRS BASTOS at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The committee deciding on individual applicants must have been impressed with the glorious past of the BASTOS car.

J.P. Gaban bought this car at the beginning of the 1984 season, thanks to the sponsoring money of BASTOS (Belgian Tobacco brand).  Gaban, preparing the car, was aiming for Belgian success and therefore hired the young Belgian Rallye talent Patrick Snijers. Young Patrick was teamed up with the experienced co-driver Dany Colebunders.  Under the management of J.P. Gaban and Christian Delfrier and mechanical assistance of  Rene Brunin and his friend Leon, both responsible to keep the car up and running, this team tackled the Belgian Rally Championship.  Jean-Piere’s young son Pascal, who later would become a Rallye legend in his own right, also helped out in this family outfit.

It must be said that the resources of its main rival RAS with the second SCRS in BELGA trim (another Belgian Tobacco brand) for Robert Droogmans were way bigger than the ones Gaban did disposed of.  And, to no surprise, the resources of the Rothmans Prodrive team who did engage Henri Toivonen were again bigger than the ones at RAS.  Therefore the Rothmans and Belga car were probably better prepared. No wonder that the BASTOS car was considered being the real underdog. But the sheer magic of Gaban with his mechanics Rene and Leon, together with the blinding speed of Patrick Snijers, made it possible for them to win Rallies. Underdog or not, the team really scored in the Belgian Rally Championship, as well in a couple of European Rally’s.

At the end of the 1984 season the Gaban team became Belgian Rallye Champion with their BASTOS car, piloted by Patrick Snijers and his co-driver Dany Colenbunders.  Whereas the Belga car of Robert Droogmans had to settle for Vice Champion.

Patrick Snijers went on with his career and left Gaban at the end of the season.
Later on the car was rented to some local drivers until Pascal Gaban took the driver seat.

At his young age, Pascal became a rallye legend, scoring the 1986 Belgian Rallye champion title in this very same car.

In 2010 this 911 SCRS was found in France in a pretty worn out state.  The engine was almost dead, the gearbox wouldn’t work properly, the brakes were shot etc… Cosmetically the car wasn’t fresh either.

So 911motorsport was charged to recondition the car to its former glory.  We opted not to restore the car, as too many things on it were still original to its racing days.

A couple of weeks ago the car had its first run-in on the circuit of Spa Francorchamps, not nearly its natural habitat. A second shake down on the same circuit proved that all the vital functions on the car worked properly.  It merely came down to finishing the final setup.

Now the car is ready to be trailed to Goodwood for its first “official” showing to the public.  Although the English will rather remember their Rothmans SCRS, still the image of the BASTOS and BELGA car  chasing Toivonen at Ieper remains burned in the memory of many rallye fans.

911motorsport is very happy to be able to take part at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and would like to thank all those (to many to mention) who made this possible.

A big warm thank you, and see you at the Festival.

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911Motorsport Porsche 911 Antwerp blog Goodwood festival of speed 2011

911Motorsport Porsche 911 Antwerp blog Goodwood festival of speed 2011