The garage in Picolo (1/43)

The story

In the summer of 2020, I was contacted by Marcos Lucas Hernandez, a Spanish Porsche lover, and a person, whom I got to know well in the meantime, with a passion for Porsche’s and models.

After buying a couple of our “JFD collection” models Marcos came with the idea of making a diorama of the collection.  His model builder Pablo ( would transform existing and even non-existing models in exact 1/43 replicas of the cars of the collection.

As the initial idea was to make a diorama of the garage slash collection I provided Marcos with numerous pictures of the garage space, including the posters, the Sega Rally Machine, the seats etc, etc, etc…

Numerous pictures of the cars were sent over so that Pablo could make them as real as possible.  Numberplates were made, decorations were made, even bespoke interiors (such as the 991 Speedster) were replicated. 

The detail in the diorama is marvelous as Pablo did replicate the helmets and a birthday cake. 

Even the decals on the car’s windows were replicated and the “JFD collection” square decal that is on every car was replicated and put on the window.

The walls of the garage have been replicated with all the decorative posters and banners, the shelves in which the cars are stored have been meticulously reproduced.  In short there is nothing one can think of the has not been reduced to 1/43rd.

The diorama is finally, after almost two years of hard work and research, finished and the result is astonishing.  Therefore, we are happy to share some pictures of the finished product with you. 

A big thank you to Marcos and Pablo for the sheer work they have done, and the result is up to the expectations.  Many thanks Guys.