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Azzara Auto Models

Curbstone hand made models

scale 1/12

Domenico Azzara is in our opinion one of the wizards of the curbstone model industry.  We, at 911 motorsport met Domenico somewhere in the late nineties.

He was exposing his hand made 1/12 resin models of the Porsche Mega Stosek Speedster at a swap meet in Brussels.  We got to talk and decided to start on a project together. The first project Domenico started was the ruby stone Porsche 964 RS.  That car did not exist in model form and did not exist in 1/12 at the time. He made everything out of scratch, the seats, the leather on the seats, the carpet, the dashboard with the correct meters, the exterior with the correct and shiny Ruby stone color, the window surrounds in photoetching, the magnesium wheels, and the tires with the correct treat on them.

Once the model was finished, he mounted it on a marble stone baseplate and had a plexi cover made to protect the model.

Thereafter more models followed

  • 964 Speedster in Wimbledon green
  • 993 Super cup VIP car
  • 993 GT 2 Klasen decorated car driven by F. Lafon and J.P. Jarrier (“godasse de plomb”)
  • 911 Carrera RS 2.7
  • 911 SCRS 
  • etc, etc…

As Domenico is working alone the time to finish a model is long.  But he still can bring out new models.  Now he is working on the 993 GT 2 Presentation car.

We would like to focus a little on the 993 GT2 car that the artist Peter Klassen decorated and lay our focus on the meticulous detail Domenico was able to put into the model.  What still amazes us today is the paint job.  The cover is painted by hand, and all the retaining wires are painted with the badger as well as the eyes through which the retaining cords do hold the cover on the car.  All the sponsors and the additional decoration is painted by hand.  The Peter Klassen real car was a work of art but Domenico’s reduction of it in 1/12 is equally so a work of art.  This model has been signed by Peter Klassen and the owner F. Lafon as well as J.P. Jarrier and Domenico himself.

For your sheer pleasure we have added some pictures of the green/white RS and how it came into being.  The car was presented in Abbeville when 911 motorsport had the opportunity to ask double Le Mans winner Gijs Van Lennep to drive the real thing.

If you like to be kept informed about his work, please look at his Facebook page:

If you are interested in getting into contact with Domenico, drop us a line and we will be more than happy to get you in contact with him.