1968 Porsche 911S

One of 1 S










1.995 cc


160 Bhp

A TRUE TIME CAPSULE FIND !!!   COMPLETE ORIGINAL Porsche 911S, with 104,000 original kilometers or approximately 60000 miles.  Car has been stored since 1976.  Car is running and drive-able but not restored. Car has original paint (except on front hood) and matching numbers for engine, trans, etc. (per Porsche Kardex).  This is the ONLY 911s to my knowledge with a factory 911R rear fender hole for oil tank. The hole still has original paint and undercoating around opening!!!  Car has a 911R 10k no redline tachometer also.   You can still see some vestiges of previous racing decals on the rockers and top of the windshield, per the photo documenting its racing heritage in the 1969 Asmara 5k Rally!

This 911 is rust free!  No rust at all in battery and other problem areas. The original water based undercoating is still mostly there even (undercoating famous for not preventing rust!!)   Interior looks almost brand new with mint, uncracked dash, and bright gauges. It also has the factory optioned Recaro driver seat with dealer installed head rests!!!!  Exterior has a dent in the right rear and some storage rash.  With a good PDR man the original paint is nice enough to be saved and used as is.  We spoke to the local 356 restorer and have quote to repair the rear quarter utilizing factory NOS pieces and fixtures. We have NOT started restoration. Car has minor cleaning but not detailed.   Engine was pulled in order to look over, adjust valve lash, visually inspect, and in general determine if it would be possible to attempt to start since it sat for such an extended period. The engine and trans were degreased, and updated carrera tensioners were put in with Weistmiester backups installed for safety. We opted not to put the turbo setup on it as we wanted to be careful to preserve original look of engine. New timing chain guides were additionally installed (ALL ORIGINAL PIECES WERE SAVED). Cams were checked for degree and determined to be close enough to warrant being left as is. The Weber carbs were dis-assembled and cleaned and re-kitted. Prior silicon repairs were removed. There were apparent additions made sometime to the ignition as it had a CD box on it, that was making it difficult to start, so we removed it and hooked up ignition utilizing the incorrect Bosch blue coil (which also turned out to be bad). The car had two fuel pumps on it (original was by-passed) neither of which worked, so the original Hardi pump was dis-assembled and inspected, replaced capacitor, cleaned points, adjusted and softened diaphragm, and tested to make sure it would pump fuel. It was installed and checked to make sure it worked, but in interest of reliability while trying to start, tune, etc. a makeshift late model pump was piggybacked on (you can see the wires and fuel line at rear of car in video).  PHOTO DOCUMENTATION OF WORK WAS TAKEN ALONG THE WAY.

  This Porsche was brought into the US from Africa in 1975.  It is a ROW (rest of world) car and was not available in the US due to emission requirement at the time.  The production numbers for 1968 are 1267.  Obviously much fewer are around today, and certainly not in this kind of famously original rust free shape!!!  

  We suspect it ran in other years and possible other rallies.  None confirmed.  Most of the records we found are in Italian and the early 70s entry lists the 911s but not owners.  Much more history on this car has yet to be discovered.

"The event of 1969 was the exhibition held in Asmara, Expo 69, and could not miss the Grand Prix Automotive.  His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasia raffling Cup and SA Ras Asrat Kassa did the honors, as starter and then presented the winners of various categories." 

"1969 race began the duel between Fiat Abarth OT 2000 by Lino Rossi and the brothers Daolio Porsche driven by Nino Ronzoni.  Duels in the other categories were none the less. There were intense preparation, the finishing touches and fine tuning of the engines were the leit-motiv of those days.  At last February 9, 1969, at 14:00, the Grand Prix divided into various categories.  The press defines the thrilling Grand Prix, followed by and enthusiastic and orderly and won a champion by Lino Rossi in the Abarth followed by Ronzoni in the porsche."   The Porsche quoted and photographed at the start line by the press was this car being sold today.  

The following year the Daolios had their white 911R entered in the race.  We do not know if they also entered the "s".  They followed up with a Porsche 906 in subsequent races with the famous Ennio Bonomelli.  Taken from comments from 72 race. "brothers Daolio did not want to miss this opportunity, comes the new engine for their 2400 Porsche Carrera and even a pilot named  internationally Ennio Bonomelli.  Ennio races the world with various pilots Marche Icks, Regazzoni, Peterson, to name a few.  Lino Rossi responds with the Abarth 2000 SP. "

The car being sold was owned in 1968 - 1975 by Dr. Daolio.  The car was in Dusseldorf till early 1968.  Last check up was at the Dusseldorf dealer with 12.000 kilometers (per Kardex).  Then it is next photographed in Asmara at the start line of the rally with several obvious 911R pieces installed. Photos show the car wearing 911R hood,front and rear bumpers, and doors.   We know the doctor had access the Porsche racing department. And that he had 911R #002 during the same period of time that he had this 911S. Apparently #002 wasn't in condition to race yet and Dr. Daolio swapped the 911R panels onto this 911S and proceeded to race it. Later his access to the Porsche racing factory department allowed him access to a 906.  He obviously had great access and means to compete his rare Porsches.  The doctor retired in 1980 and moved back to Italy.  Only 20 911r's were built.  All are worth 7 figures.

Car was originally delivered to the dealer in Dusseldorf Germany.  Car then went to Asmara Ethiopia in 1968 to run in the Highland Rally.  Then to the US in approximately early 1976.  The recent owner damaged the right rear corner of the car and parked it.  Instead of fixing the dent he, smeared cosmoline all over the car and  stored it 35 years ago.   That is how this INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY is available for you today!!!  Although the dent is a negative, it is in a round about way what kept it in the absolutely fabulous original condition it is today. 

Not only is a 1968 911s in this condition worth the opening bid.  The added factor of racing history.  History of car with the 911R parts, and the owner also having the 906 makes it a true collector / vintage racing applicable machine.   The last s/r I can find being sold was from Symbolic motors in 2007.  It had listing price of 295k.  It did not have the "r" fender.  Purchase the additional deck lid and parts in the additional auction and vintage race this car.  It would be a unique crowd pleaser from Monterey to Le Mans historics.  

Both the brothers Daolio have passed.  The original driver in the 1969 race has passed but his son races for team Italia in Ferrari challenge and some prototype racing.  Picture of him included in pictures.  Have not gotten response from him on additional possible history or pictures.  

We have talked with several Porsche and rally historians.  Several who knew of this car but thought it was lost decades ago.   What is stated is best to our knowledge.  There is still much to be uncovered.  

The white 911R that had the parts swapped back and forth on this 911 was recently sold to Belgium investor for approximately 1 million dollars.  We also have a GENUINE 911R rear deck lid and a pair of trumpet style 911R exhaust available at separate auctions which we believe to be from #002 911R.  Purchase those to add credibility and re-convert this car to specs as raced in 1969 for a truly unique real documented race car!

Pictures of the 911R and his 906 are added to pictures below.  They are the other cars the doctor entered in the rally.  The car offered for sale is number "56" in the pictures.   He ran several cars in the rally at once as an owner.  That's why I believe this 911s was entered in later years also.  

You may also look at additional items from seller to find.

Recent video of the car is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZqLhPvIhto.

additional video - http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Ferrarisandmore#p/u/0/zAYJ_Fa2ulM

What documentation we have will come with car.  Copies of news paper articles and information gathered so far.  Kardex is also included. Freight documentation of it entering the US with 82000 kilometers.

Picture of the Ferrari is Roberto Ronzoni following in his father Ninos footsteps the driver of the car for sale in the 1969 rally.  

Title is bonded clear.  I have numerous  pictures of the car.  If you are serious buyer, send inquiry of specific pictures needed and they will be posted.  Car may be seen in Dallas Texas.  I urge you to come and see this car.  You will not be disappointed.  I have perfect ebay score and sold and purchased several cars on ebay.  This is a TRULY unique car, so personal inspection would be suggested.  

Additional pictures of the car and Kardex are added to the deck lid ad.  I am at maximum pictures on this ad so adding pictures being requested to other ad.


Posting trumpets today so check that ad for additional pictures also.  Thanks. Don


Thanks To: 

Historians: Jens Torner (Porsche AG), Thomas Skogli, Kobus Cantraine, Rick Fortney (Kagnew Station), 

Previous Owners and/or drivers: Dr. M. Daolio, Roberto Ronzoni (son of Nino Ronzoni), John A. Morris III, Don Yount, Michael K. Peter, 

Traslations: D. Azzara, 

General help and support: Alan Benjamin, 

Mechanics: Mike Van Dingenen, Joe Pinter,

Bodywork: Olivier Nuytten (Ollycar)

Period decals:

Detailing: Laurent Santunione, 

The following is gathered after the car was sold to Belgium (January 2010).

Some of the history stated above needs to be corrected as it appears now as not being correct.  The new owner did speak, write and corresponded with Dr. Mario Daolio, who was still alive in January 2010.  Whereas it is true that unfortunately Nino Ronzoni has passed but the new owner was able to contact and correspond at length with Roberto Ronzoni (son of Nino).

Roberto is invited, once the car will be reconditioned to its former glory, to be joined by the 911 R (chassis n° 2), the second car of Dr. Mario Daolio.

Studying both the 911 R (n° 002) and this 911 S (both owned by the same owner now) it is obvious that it is absolutely untrue that parts of the R were bolted onto the S.  For example the rear engine deck lid of the S (that was bought with the car) does have the normal, under the hood, hinges whereas the R does have the external ones.  The original deck lid of the S does not show any drilled holes on the outside where the exterior hinges would have been.




As for the possible swapping of engines, or the S running with the R engine, that fact has not yet been verified, but might well be true. Especially as Roberto Ronzoni writes that his father drove the S with the R engine.  Now we all know that memory is about the worst scientific advisor one can have, so this thesis might be right or wrong (but still has to be verified).

Now the story of the R-type hole on the right hand side of the car.  Evidence is found, after dismantling the car in order to recondition that there was “look a like” shape of an R-oiltank on the inner wheel arch side.  A period original R oil tank will be installed in the car (see picture on the right hand side).




The most likely theory concerning the history of the car, is that the car was first a demonstrator at the Fa. Schultz (Düsseldorf) Porsche dealership.  In parenthesis it needs to be pointed out that the Schultz dealership was of NO help at all establishing the cars history.  Especially as form the Kardex we know that the car was delivered on 25.09.1967 and stayed in their ownership until at least 26.04.1968.  Proof of this being the 4 warranty claims (mentioned) until the car had 12.827 km on 26.04.1968.

Sometime thereafter the car was sold to Dr. M. Daolio. We now know that Dr. Daolio had very good contacts with the racing department at Porsche in the late sixties. Therefore it seems to be that the car was delivered as a pretty normal 1968 911 S (as per Kardex) and then after the purchase by Dr. Daolio went back to the racing department in Stuttgart. As the car was to be used in the very hot climate of Ethiopia, and as the Doctor wanted to race the car, a R-type oil tank was installed.  Therefore the hole in the right rear fender (welding around the hole is typical of Porsche welding at the time).  This right rear fender hole was definitely installed by the factory on either a new right rear quarter sheet metal or just made into the fender of the car (most likely is that the hole and its weldings were made on the original fender).

Furthermore the car was equipped with a front oil cooler in right wing, therefore oil lines were installed along the bottom of the car. Proof of this oil cooler can be found in period pictures where one sees the wind ducting made of aluminum on the front of the car (below the headlight and in the opening of the mist lights below).

The oil lining and oil cooler were also installed by the factory.




More over a polyester front hood (with balsa reinforcements) as well as a polyester front bumper (ST style as it is obviously larger than for the normal bodies), a polyester rear engine lid (type and production number of the R) as well as polyester rear bumper and doors were installed by the factory.

In the interior a typical 10.000 rpm rev counter was also mounted.

All these racing goodies were definitely factory and installed by the factory.  So one can say that the car is a period racer.

After some dismantling we found the car to be very original, up to the original paint.  So where possible the original paint, as well as undercoating will be preserved.  The interior is stock and will only be cleaned and detailed, apart from that it will be left alone as a testimony to how it used to be back in the sixties.

See how the original ceiling has come out after some serious cleaning.    Half of the ceiling has been done,  just to show the effect.



The car has been reconditioned, keeping as much as possible original.  We just buffed the paint and repaired the damage.  The interior was thoroughly cleaned.  The underside, suspension, brakes, steering, gearbox and engine have all been overhauled to new.

The car now is read to be joined with the 911 R as it used to be when they were together in Ethiopia.