1993 Porsche 964 Turbo S Slantnose X83

One of 10 Turbo S, the rarest of them all.  


964 Turbo S Slantnose X 83



Chassis nO.


Engine Number


Gearbox Number


Color Code

A8 Polar Metallic Silver


3.600 cc


385 BHP

The Japan model features the 930 Turbo S/944 style front end with pop up type headlights, 930 style rear quarter vents and boxed rockers. The cars are all LHD, Polar Silver Metallic and feature the exact same build code specification. Four cars were delivered with the 3.8 RS rear spoiler and six with the standard 3.6 Turbo rear spoiler. At ten build the 964 ‘Flatnose’, it is one of the rarest production Porsche’s of all time.

In addition to the “Flatnose type Fenders with front wheel housing vents” the Japan car features the following differences to the ROW and USA cars:

  • Air inlet ducts with lands at rear fenders
  • XD 7 Tower cross brace (against surcharge)
  • Z application 1637 – bucket seats as on 911 Carrera RS
  • No backrest and seat belts in rear
  • Roof antenna as on model 928


The cars by VIN #

470222, 470285, 470291, 470311, 470326, 470335, 470344, 470362, 470386, 470388


Production and Delivery data

Earliest completed production date November 16,1993 (VIN 470285)
Latest completed production date January 12, 1994 (VIN 470344)
Earliest vehicle delivery dateApril 1, 1994 (VIV 470326)
Latest vehicle delivery dateNovember 27, 1995 (VIN 470285)


Exterior color and country of delivery

Polar Silver Metallic 10

Japan 10


Fact, Rumors and Myths,

  • The base sticker price was 25.400.000 yen with the 3.8 RS rear spoiler and 25.500.000 yen with the standard 3.6 rear spoiler
  • At least one unidentified Flatnose has been crashed (destroyed?)
  • VIN 470285 was the very last Flatnose car to be delivered on November 27, 1995



A key feature of the Flatnose and Package cars was the M64/50 S engine – the X88 “Sport Tuning” option. According to the factory, 155 X88 option engines were built. Ninety-three of these engines went into the “Turbo S” cars, 51 engines were installed in standard 3.6 Turbo models as special order option “X88” and 11 engines are unaccounted for. These were probably sold to customers for race applications such as the Turbo 3.6 IMSA.

The “S” designation is denoted by an understated punch stamp.

The M94/50S engine obtained its increased power from specially modified cylinder heads with different than standard inlet and exhaust ports, upgraded camshafts, modified timing gearwheel and the K27 7006 turbo charger (the K27 7006 has a lager hot side than the K27 7200 in the standard 3.6 Turbo which makes for an 300 rpm later boost onset but lover back pressure in the exhaust manifold and increases efficiency so that it makes more HP). Valve timing was advanced from standard for more overlap and richer mixture. Maximum boot pressure was .79 to .85 bar the same as the standard 3.6 turbo engine (although the onboard computerized boost gauge only reads to 0.7 bar as described in factory technical bulletin “9032-9307”.

The following information on the 911 3.6 liter – engine with increased output – K88 is from the factory technical bulletin “Xe”.


Engine with increased output – X88

Part n° part designation

964.105.247.08 camshaft left hand

964.105.246.19 camshaft right hand

911.105.171.02 spacer flange for LH camshaft

900.067.282.02 bolt

930.113.025.03 gearwheel

930.100.908.03 gasket set

930.123.003.03 turbocharger

930.123.121.06 turbocharger bracket

964.104.033.22 cylinder head

930.110.141.04 flange

930.130.034.05 inlet manifold


Engine – X88 – M64/50 S

Displacement 3.600 cc

Output 283 kw (385 HP) at 5.750 rpm

Torque 520 (53 kpm) at 5.000 rpm


Scoop of modifications to M64/50 S engine

Cylinder head intake & exhaust ports manifold

Inlet manifold and spacer flanges manifold

Modified camshafts

New turbocharger

Turbocharger bracket

Valve timing 1.26 +.01 mm (inlet valve stroke in overlapping TDC)


The specification of car WPOZZZ96ZRS-----

Last know location California, import from Japan by Mr. D. Mohlman

Last know condition Intact

Finished production date 25.11.1993

Retail delivery date 26.07.1995

Delivery country Japan

Shipped to Dealer Mizwa Motors

MSRP unknown

Exterior color Polar Silver metallic

Interior color Black full leather

Engine number 61R000---

Transmission number 2003---

Drive type LHD

Vehicle options


130 labeling in English

193 version for Japan

197 88 Ah battery

220 locking differential (40 %)

235 ---

288 headlight washer

323 sticker, without ESE-regulations

407 18 “ polished wheels

423 cassette container and coin box

425 rear wiper

434 work instructions for cars overseas (924 and 944)

441 fader, antenna booster, 4 speakers

455 wheel locks

481 5-speed manual transmission

492 H4 headlights for left hand traffic

494 2 speakers on back shelf

498 without rear model designation

534 ---

562 airbag driver’s side

567 windshield green graduated tint

573 air-conditioner

605 vertical headlight adjustment

650 sunroof

657 power steering

659 on board computer Carrera 2

912 vehicle without identification plat

975 velour carpet in luggage compartment

981 all leather lining

36S ----