1986 Porsche 935 DP

One of four


935 DP

Chassis n°



3.299 cc


>400 up to > 600 bhp



935 DP

This 935 DP is in fact the last iteration, Ekkehard Zimmermann build on the bases of the 930 Turbo.

Back in 1979 he was the aerodynamicist for Kremer, and he was responsible for the shape of the 935 K3 Numéro Reservé that won the 24 hour race of Le Mans.


This car started life as a Porsche 930 and once it left the factory it went straight to DP motorsport to be transformed into the 935 DP.  Only 4 cars did receive the “long windshield” treatment.  Mr. Zimmermann struggled with the “brick” like shape of the 911.  As an aero specialist he wanted to make the 911 more aerodynamically efficient.  As the windshield of the 911 stand straight up and does interfere with the airflow he made the alteration of the “long windshield”.  This windshield was not only longer than the standard one, but it was also more inclined than the straight up position of the 911.

Moreover, he shaved the rain gutters, made the car much wider so it could accept the 225/50 VR 15 in the front but especially the 345/35 VR 15 in the back. In the eighties only two cars were equipped with this large rubber.  The one was the Lamborghini Countach and the other being the 935 of DP motorsport. Even today NO streetcar has such wide rubber in the back.


The front hood is longer and unique to these “long windshield” cars.  Therefore, Zimmerman had to redesign the windshield wiper and came up with a race car solution.  A central windshield wiper.  The front spoiler is unique and is an almost identical copy of the front spoiler of the Le Mans winning 935. With the 3 openings and the headlights to both sides.  Also, the rear spoiler is longer to give the car a bigger downforce.  Because of its bigger dimensions Kremer was able to mount a bigger intercooler.  Note that the rear spoiler is surpassing the outside measures of the car.  This would, by todays standards not be allowed anymore.


Because of his tight links with Kremer this car was equipped with a 3.299 cc turbo boosted engine build by Kremer.  To increase power a turbo boost knob was installed.  Not too sure about the BPH output but period magazines talked about north of 400 bhp.  I think that in its most boosted form the engine will turn out something like 600 maybe 650 bhp.

The gearbox is the standard 930 Turbo 4 speed box.  This gearbox was deemed to withstand the increased power of the Turbo engines.  Porsche, at the time, was not convinced that their 5-speed gearbox would withstand the power and torque of the Turbo engine.  Only the last year (1989) did Porsche venture mounting a 5-speed gearbox in the Turbo “streetcar”.  The last year of the 930 Turbo, together with the 1975 (first year Turbo) they are considered as being the “holy grail” of the Turbo’s.


Back in the eighties these DP motorsport cars were the holy grail.  At race meetings wealthy German team owners and drivers brought their 935 DP to the track, parked them in the paddock when they went racing their 935.  One of the previous owners of this car was Jürgen Kannacher.  Mr. Kannacher raced in the DRM series with a 935 and used this car as his daily transport.



Body (Type 935 DPII):

  • Front bumper with three openings for a large oil cooler and front brake cooling.
  • Round headlamps behind acrylic screens built into the sides of the bumper.
  • One of 4 cars with Extended (elongated) windshield for improved aerodynamics)
  • Single arm wiper installed on the front bonnet.
  • Extended width rear quarter panels.
  • DP side rearview mirrors.
  • RSR group C ducting underneath.
  • Low side skirts and integrated rear bumper.
  • High profile rear spoiler.
  • Big tank 105 liters
  • Dry sump relocated to the front of the car.
  • Chassis reinforcement front and rear with crossbar


  • Period correct bucket seats.
  • RS Lightweight carpeting.
  • RS Door panels.
  • 10.000 rpm tachometer
  • 320 km/h odometer


  • 3.299 cc single Turbo engine.
  • Build by Kremer
  • Turbo boost knob
  • More than 400 bhp and on top boost most probably more than 600 bhp

This car was the press car from DP motorsport at the time and therefore was used in articles in different magazines. One of them being “Auto Chromes” (F).

When the previous owner bought the car he restored it back to its white body work with the Le Mans reminiscent stripes of the winning 935.