VW T 3 Porsche 3.0


VW T3 Porsche 3.0



Chassis n°


Engine n°.


Color Code

Silver metallic


65000 €

Engine type


Year                            1982

Make                           VW T3

Model                          251 Kasten

Chassis No.                 WV2ZZZ25ZEH126826

Engine                         Porsche 911 SC 3.0 typ 930/10

Engine No;                  *6302793*



Picture the youngster dreaming on a sunny vacation day of his VW with a Porsche engine.

He was first wondering about a beetle with the six cylinder and then went of wondering if it was not more sensible (if you can call it sensible) do have a Volkswagen T3 Panel van (Kasten in German) with a Porsche engine. 

Dreaming of delivering his company goods in the Panel van with his companies logo’s on there.

Starting the engine in the morning, thinking he is driving a Porsche, but at the same time having the luxury of a delivery van.


This might have been the story of the first owner of this particular car. 


He was a passionate car guy, spending lots and lots  of money on his passion.  In 1982 he bought himself a new Volkswagen Panel van T3.  Immediately after his purchase he decided to have a Porsche engine installed.  He found a wrecked Porsche 911 SC with a good 3.0 liter engine.  He had the engine overhauled and got the gearbox, instruments from the wrecked Porsche.


Wohlmuth Gmbh, from Mattersburg, in the neighborhood of Vienna, was the company that made the transformation of the VW T3 with the Porsche engine.  They introduced a “single homologation” for the car at the “Amt der Burgenländischen Landesregierung”, and got the homologation documents on October 18 th 1984.


The VW Panel van was, apart from the professionally installed Porsche engine and gearbox, equipped with 3 Recaro seats in the front, as well as a Porsche lookalike dashboard.  In the back the panel van was equipped with a plush carpet.


The outside look of the VW was changed so as to give it a more sporty look.  Apart from the Fuchs (16 X7 and 16X8) the car got wheel arch extensions in order to cover the wider wheels.  It has also been equipped with 4 extra long beam lights. 


When the car was bought by the actual owner back in 2013 it showed a km reading of 27.000 km.  The actual owner decided to bring the Panel van back in pristine condition.  Therefore it was decided to ice blast the chassis. Engine and gearbox were taken out, to be checked serviced and thoroughly cleaned.  A new gas tank was installed as the original had way too many surface rust.  The actual owner wanted to prevent any problems with the filters due to possible rust residue in the gas.  All filters were changed, the sparkplugs, and rotor were changed.  Also the brakes were updated and serviced so as to have a complete new braking system.


Then the car went to the MOT to be teched and it passed with flying colors. Therefore it was possible to have the car road registered in Belgium.


This Volkswagen is an absolute blast to drive.  Picture starting the engine on a parking lot, and everybody expecting a Porsche to take off, whereas it is you with the Volkswagen…

It is, especially for a Panel van (with a very bad Cx) very fast.  Although one has always to keep in mind that it is not a sports car and thus not being developed as a sports car.


It is a wonderful fast delivery van for your Business.

This is your chance to own a Porsche Volkswagen Panelvan for a fraction of the price of Porsche B32 van!!!