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944 Turbo Cup





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M 44/52



Porsche was the first constructor to start a one car series.  It was started up with 944 Car (and they became known as the Weissach Racing Turbo’s, or 951) 

The 944 and the 951 (that's the turbo version of the 944 to the uninitiated) proved to be an excellent car for Porsche and its customers. So much so that in 1987 the factory race facility in Weissach built approximately 192 “Turbo Cup” cars designed to be raced around the world. These Posche’s were raced in Canada (Rothman Porsche Turbo Cup), in Europe (Turbo Cup series), in South Africa (Turbo Cup series) as well as in the Escort series in the United States. The 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo Cup featured here is one of seven imported to the US by Al Holbert (head of Porsche Motorsports North America at the time) for the Escort Series ([1]).

For the Canadian series Porsche build 32 similar 944 Turbo Cup Cars. In an effort to keep all of the cars in the Rothmans Turbo Cup series “on a level playing field” the engines were sealed at several locations with safety wire and lead seals having “Turbo Cup” embossed into them. 

These cars sold for $100,000 Canadian, without any spares, back in 1998.([2])

There are many differences between the 951 and the Porsche Turbo Cup, some say as many as 100. There are factory deletes such as no sun roof, no insulation, no rust protection and no electric motors. Other differences include performance improvements such as larger brakes, larger clutch and modified transmission. While even more was done to lighten the car by as much as 400 lbs (such as a fiberglass engine hood, magnesium intake manifold and special carpets) the Porsche Turbo cup was intentionally designed to look like a 944/951 that you could buy from the dealer on Monday morning, but built as a true race car with factory installed roll cage, race seat, power kill switches, improved turbo unit, stiffened chassis, special magnesium wheels, as well as special Bilstein or Koni shock absorbers. Little modification was done to the engine, except for the turbo unit. The concept was a lighter car with improved handling and braking. 


The following list represents the factory modifications to the standard car:

1. Magnesium racing wheels

2. Magnesium intake manifold

3. Magnesium oil pan

4. 928S4 brakes

5. Racing brake pads

6. Brake cooling kit

7. Strut tower brace bar over engine

8. Fiberglass hood/engine cover with race locks

9. Exterior power kill switch

10. Interior power kill switch

11. Larger high-output turbo unit

12. Larger sway bars, rear adjustable

13. High performance engine electronics

14. Surakrit safety windshield

15. Safety roll cage

16. Recaro racing seat

17. Driver racing harness

18. Lightweight side mirrors

19. Special Bilstein front struts

20. Special rear shocks with extra springs

21. Strengthened rear torsion bars

22. Heavy duty racing clutch

23. Quick ratio steering

24. Higher degree limited slip axle

25. Strengthened differential and axle gears

26. Strengthened transmission gears

27. Close-ratio 5th gear

28. Transmission oil cooler

29. ABS brakes

30. Stiffened main chassis

31. Strengthened strut towers

32. Hard rubber suspension mounts

33. Lightweight battery

34. Single engine cooling radiator

35. Underbody drag reduction panels

36. Lightweight noise insulation

37. Delete –Power steering

38. Delete –Fender liners

39. Delete –Radio, speakers

40. Delete –Headlight washers

41. Delete –Air conditioning

42. Delete –Power windows

43. Delete –Rear wiper

44. Delete –Engine shield

45. Delete –Undercoating

46. Delete –Sunroof 

47. Delete –Power seat

48. Delete –Leather interior

49. Delete –Rear trunk release

50. Delete –Power mirrors

51. Delete –Door storage pockets

52. Delete –Cassette storage ([3])


This particular Turbo Cup was owned and run by German ex-pat Ludwig Heimrath.  Heimrath did leave Germany to go and live in Canada (Scarborough, Ontario).  Apart from a successful racing driver Heimrath also ran amongst others a Porsche dealership.

In 1988 Heimrath participated in 7 races and finished 15 th in the championship.  In 1989, his final result in the 944 Turbo Cup was 8 th. In 1990 he finished the championship in 14 th position.

After the racing career of the car, it was sold to Ian Goggin of Stone Creek Ontaria.  Mr. Goggin sold the car to Ronald Tietjen of Stratton Montain, Vermont, USA.  Thereafter the car passed hands to Mr. Bob Miller of “At Speed Motors” in Hanover, Md, USA.  Bob Miller sold the car in 2014 to the JFD collection in Belgium.

Today the car is in original, not restored condition, meaning that it does have some racing patina. The car has only covered a little under 12 k km. 

With the car does come a rather comprehensive paper file consisting of:

  • the period racing history
  • Rothmans Turbo Cup parts bulletin
  • Period Porsche documents (Fahrzeug Aussermasse & a couple of circulars on the cup car)
  • A drivers education log book (PCA) belonging to R. Tietjen
  • Province of Ontario issued vehicle permit
  • A rose Belgian DIV document
  • A rare 944 Turbo Cup (Anhang zur Betiebanleitung)

Call or inquire about the price for this unique opportunity and we will be more than glad to assist you.


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