Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2


Carrera 3.2



chassis n°


engine n°


first road registration


color code

F7 Marine Blue Metallic



engine type

930 20

gearbox type


The Carrera 3.2 was built from 1984 till 1989. One can say that the Carrera was the first 911worthy again of the name. Remember the series before the Carrera were called SC and the strongest versions of the SC had a 204 bhp engine. With an output of 231 bhp the horsepower rose above the one of the 1973 Carrera RS (of 210 bhp). So, it took Porsche almost 11 years in order to produce a normal aspirated air-cooled engine that was stronger than the legendary Carrera RS. Weight went up from 1.075 kg for a Touring Carrera RS to 1.211 kg for a Carrera, so a mere 136 kg and a power output increase from 21 bhp.

The Carrera’s were not the fastest cars, but they were very well build, and when serviced regularly they were almost indestructible. Most of the time they were bought to be used and most examples had quite some km’s on the counter. Rust issues were not a big problem as the bodies were thoroughly protected against rust. In 1987 Porsche introduced the G 50 gearbox, which was a definitive improvement on the previous 915 box. One can easily say that the G 50 Carrera’s were the holy grail when it came to driving pleasure and endurance.

This marine Blue metallic Carrera was first delivered 28.03.1988 in Genua Italy to its first owner Michele Massiglia. The number of owners in Italy is unknown, but according to the condition of the car one can say that there have not been all that many. The car then appeared in Monaco, owned by Peter Moyens somewhere around 2000. Mr. Suber did buy the car next and sold it to Mr. Dockx. He first road registered the car in his company’s name (Divistaff), and thereafter transferred the road registration to his name. In February of 2023 the car was sold to the present owner.

The kilometres of the car are well documented, and the km counter was changed somewhere in 2008 when the counter showed 94.551 km’s. Since then, the car has been driven for 4.184 km, so that the total km standing right now is 98.735 km.

This Carrera is fully matching (engine, gearbox, chassis), and all numbers do check out. In 1988 Porsche build a total of 3.381 Carrera Coupé’s.

Since the car came into the present ownership extensive works have been performed on the car to bring it back to absolute pristine working condition (the invoice of these works done by the shop of the owner: 911 motorsport) is of course on file.

The car presents itself in absolute pristine condition and does wear a very attractive colour combination of the marine blue metallic exterior with the grey leather and carpet interior. The dashboard being black which helps reflection of the sun.

The car is in original condition as per delivery to its first owner in Italy.

In the owner’s manual as well as on the decal in the trunk one finds the specification of the car, as delivered.

The option codes are:

018 sport steering wheel with elevated hub

197 higher amperage battery

220 locking (limited slip) differential

243 shorter shift gear

383 sport seat left, electrical vertical adjustment

387 sport seat right, electrical vertical adjustment

395 light metal wheels forged 16”

425 rear wiper

490 manual radio antenna

533 alarm system

559 air conditioning

567 windshield green graduated tint

975 velours carpet in luggage compartiment

This excellent and « barely » run in Carrera could be yours to enjoy.