Exposition: “Belgian Racing Legends” @ Autoworld Brussels


The 1984 911 SCRS Bastos is currently staying at a home away from home.

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« Belgian Gentlemen Drivers » in the 90s

At the end of the Second World War, young people from good families, in love with

speed and excitement, decide to indulge their passion for sports cars. Their names were André Pilette, John Claes, Jacques Swaters, Charles de Tornaco, Paul Frère and Roger Laurent. Their objective: to race at the highest level in the world.

In competitions or in rallies, this group of buddies launched their cars onto racetracks and roadways, with equal enthusiasm. These pioneers had no sponsors.

Cars, fuel, spare parts, mechanics, travel, entrance fees – all were the responsibility of the drivers themselves.

There were few or no rules either… The stories and anecdotes they have left us almost defy the imagination at a time when automobile racing is governed by the strictest international rules.

Much later, following the example of their English counterparts, they were nicknamed the “Belgian Gentlemen Drivers”. They are the ones who blazed the trail for an impressive line of Belgian drivers acclaimed the world over, one of whom, Jacky Ickx, is still a leading figure.