Porsche 911 1987

This Porsche started life as a Carrera 3.2 of 1987, where the previous owner decided to transform the car into a race car, with the looks of a 964 and the metal wheel extensions of a Turbo. The suspension was changed to a race bred suspension, and the car was considerably lowered.  The gearbox was adapted, and the gearshift was improved for smoother operation. The engine was enlarged to a 3.8-liter engine with an approximative output of close to 400 bhp.









Chassis No.


The interior of the car was stripped to its bare essentials, a roll cage as well as a state-of-the-art fire extinguisher system were installed, and the fuses are neatly integrated into the dashboard. The brakes were upgraded to PCCB (carbon fiber) brakes. 

This car is a unicorn, and not created with typical race series regulations in mind. It is therefore ideally suited to be enjoyed to the maximum on private track days, as well as race series with rather liberal regulations. One those series in which the car is eligible, is the “Ferdinand Cup”.

Apart from the fact that the car was professionally built, given the mindset in which it was created, we could not resist to the opportunity of turning it into “an art car with a message”.

Long before Italy decided not to comply with the EU guidelines regarding the restriction in sales of internal combustion engines as from 2035... Long before Germany decided to join that state of mind and started opposing to the interdiction to sell internal combustion engines… Long before certain car marques such as Ferrari, and BMW decided to continue making cars with internal combustion engines… Long before Carlos Tavares of Stellantis, or Akio Toyoda and others challenged the idea of the EV’s… we were already creating an art car project to pinpoint the absurdness of obligation to transit to EV’s. Especially as the reasoning behind it was the reduction of exhaust gases, to reduce the problem of global warming.

Let us be crystal clear on this matter: we are not against taking care and safeguarding our environment, our nature, our planet. We do believe that we all have a responsibility to take.

But we would like to react against the absurd way in which people try to implement the EV’s as a primary or single solution. They are NOT! The carbon footprint of the EV’s is NOT neutral.

By trying to influence the masses, politicians are responsible for the downfall of our West European culture, economy, and society. We will be inundated by “cheap” Chinese EV’s to which European car makers do not have an answer ready. Moreover, the Chinese have a monopoly on the raw materials, necessary to produce the batteries. So, in other words, our European car makers will have to buy raw materials at prices dictated by the Chinese, and thus making the price gap with their cars even bigger.

Even more staggering, children with a rather doubtful psychologic constitution have been used and abused to make this message pass. When young Greta unjustly got a podium to stir the masses and unrespectfully dictated world leaders with her legendary “how dare you!?”, most of us should have reacted. How on earth is it possible that a child would be promoted to the status she got unless the masses were stirred by her message? How in God’s name was it possible for someone, without any profound education, to move youngsters and students to skip school and protest?

With that in mind, we wanted to create an artwork to denounce this absurdness, as well as the absurdness to force EV’s on people as their means of transport.

In the concept of the artwork we mock with Greta, the EV’s and the way electricity is being made and used, such as the sheer absurd way of using windmill parks, despite all of its downsides (exorbitant price, low energetic efficiency, danger to wild life such as birds that get hit by the wicks of the windmills, the almost impossible way to recycle the carbon wicks, etc.).

The artwork is created by two well-known Graffiti artists from Brussels. Fouad H. and Djamel O. have been into street art, Graffiti art since their earliest age. Both are grown adults now and decorate public buildings, train stations, private offices etc… We got in contact with them through our co-driver Quinten, as he had them decorate their office building in Brussels. From all the proposals Fouad and Djamel made we selected the “Gretschen” one, as it complied with our vision to ironize the obligatory transition to electrification. Especially as the reason therefore is sought in the hoax to reduce the carbon imprint of the cars for the greater good of stopping global warming. Those responsible for this hoax should not gather any longer in places like Davos (World economic forum), especially as most participants come with private jets!!!

The artwork is therefore our complaint, our visual protest to the absurdness of the electrification of transport in our society. Think of it like when Pablo Picasso painted “Guernica”.

This art car will undoubtedly stir reactions. Some positive and some negative. We are only interested in having people think, reflect for themselves, and then decide. 

Do not follow the flock, think, and act for yourself!




March 2023

We would like to thank all those involved in this project:

Bigup asbl (Fouad and Djamel) the graffiti artists

Ollycar (bodyshop)

Damsgrafix (decals)

Dlng design (Turbo fans)

911motorsport team (Mike, Hans, Raf, Robbe)

Executive Shine (Laurent)

Ludo (photographer on duty)

Mister Q.