911 Artwork: Terry Studer

It has become customary to publish excellent artwork on our website. Recently we found an American artist Terry Studer while surfing the web. He had just finished his 935 Marini car and we found the amazing detail in the painting of such interest that we are happy to share that with you all.

Terry was asked to prepared his curriculum vitae in order for us to be able to publish it together with some pictures of his artwork.

911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerp Automobilia Artwork Terry Studer

“I was born in Meriden, Connecticut, USA but grew up just south of Jacksonville, Florida in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. From a very early age I started to draw and have an appreciation for art. I followed in my Grandfathers footsteps. He too was an artist and I spent many days looking over his shoulder as he painted. Also at an early age I developed a love for the automobile. I believe this was probably inherited from my Father, Grandfathers and Uncles as our family always had some interesting cars. We had everything from American muscle cars to DKWs, VWs, a few Morris Minors and a couple of Saabs. It seemed as I got older, that I gravitated towards the European cars, primarily German cars. My best childhood friend had a father that owned an automotive restoration and repair shop that focused mainly on German cars. I spent many days after school playing inside and taking apart Mercedes, Porsches and the occasional Ferrari or English car. It was there that I fell in love with Porsches. As I completed high school I had befriended another gentleman that owned a Porsche repair shop. At that time artistically, I painted mainly landscapes and architectural renderings. I did a few automotive related renderings just for myself and showed them to my Porsche friend. He seemed to think I would do well selling them to a few of his customers. I thought I’d give it a try. My first Porsche painting was of a 930, followed by a, new at the time, RS America. I did a few more cars and soon headed off to college in Connecticut. I attended Paier College of Art and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree after 4 years. A few years went by I came back down to Florida and picked up where I had left off with my automotive friends. I started painting automotive art more seriously for various collectors locally. Soon, as my art gained interest, I was painting for collectors all over North America.

While painting primarily in watercolors the last few years, I have recently decided to start painting in oils again. I paint very tightly with heavy realism. I sometimes try to paint in a “looser” more painterly style but seem to gravitate towards realism. I use photographs for reference and try to make the cars as accurate as possible. Especially when painting vintage race cars. Every crack, every scratch, every chip tells a story. It is part of the important history of the car. I have been lucky enough to photograph some amazing truly original cars to use in some of my recent paintings such as the 935. Its such an amazing juxtaposition to the overly restored cars I had become accustomed to seeing.

I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA with my wife Tammi and our two boys, Ben (6) and Matthew (2). I currently own a 2004 Audi A4, 2009 MKV VW GTI, 1991 MK2 VW 16V GTI, 1983 Porsche 911SC, and a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo (ex race car signed by Carrol Shelby).”

911Motorsport Belgium Porsche Antwerp Automobilia Artwork Terry Studer

The most recent Porsche related work by Terry Studer.

For more info : Website Terry Studer